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Lenny Kravitz ‎/ Circus (Rock And Roll Is Dead収録LP) YYY0-432-3-3
Various ‎/ Bagdad Cafe (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) D4035
Various ‎/ A Low Down Dirty Shame (Music From The Motion Picture) 残少 D3998 未
NKOTB (NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK) ‎/ H.I.T.S.  (LP) ラスト D3975 未
Burt Bacharach ‎/ Casino Royale (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) ラスト D3960
Rocky V (Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture) 最終 D3921
The Police / Greatest Hits (LP) 完売 D3916
$$ Cathy Dennis / Into The Skyline (513 935-1) LP YYY204-3036-3-4
$$ Celine Dion / Celine Dion (LP) 471508 1 YYY69-1407-4-4
Natalie Cole ‎/ Take A Look (2LP) 最終 D3901 未
Natasha Oldfield ‎/ The Flame (LP) 残少 D3898
Bangles ‎/ Greatest Hits (LP) Manic Monday * Eternal Flame ラスト YYY170-2311-1-1
Curtis Mayfield ‎/ Super Fly  (LP) 残少 未 D3766
The Whispers / Just Gets Better With Time (LP) 残少 未 D3765
Europe / The Final Countdown (LP) 最終 未  YYY11-202-2-2
%% Eagles ‎/ Hotel California (LP) K53051 YYY18-357-2-2+
Down And Out In Beverly Hills (LP)  David Lee Roth – California Girls 残少 D3666 未
Karyn White ‎/ Karyn White  (LP) 残少 D3660 未
Klymaxx ‎/ Meeting In The Ladies Room (LP) D3660 未
Swing Out Sister ‎/ It's Better To Travel  (LP) D3601
$ George Kerr / Words of Love (SV LP 06 / SVLP 06) YYY0-556-3-3
The Cardigans / First Band On The Moon (LP) 最終 YYY0-410-2-2 高値
Paula Abdul / Forever Your Girl (LP) 未 D3269
Tom Browne / Mo' Jamaica Funk (LP) 未
$$ Sade / Diamond Life (FR 39581) LP 残少 未 Y3
Debbie Gibson / Anything Is Possible  (LP) 残少 未
%% The Righteous Brothers / The Very Best Of Unchained Melody (LP) 847 248-1 YYY221-2360-1-1
$ The Shaggs / Philosophy Of The World (103, 3032) YYY0-269-2-2
MN8 / To The Next Level (LP) 未
$ Luther Vandross / Songs (Epic 476656) LP Killing Me Softly * Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now YYY16-305-3-12
$ The Shaggs / Shaggs' Own Thing (3056, 105) LP YYY211-3172-1-1+
Skylight / Skyhigh (LP) 国内再発 最終
$$ Little Beaver / Party Down  (LP) 国内再発 ラスト YYY302-3787-1-1
Milton Wright / Friends And Buddies  (LP) 国内再発 YYY0-442-4-4
$ Doris / Did You Give The World Some Love Today, Baby (AISLE-1013) LP 国内再発 YYY0-363-3-3
Harlem River Drive / Harlem River Drive (LP) YYY0-441-4-4
Michael Bolton / Timeless (The Classics) (LP) 未 White Christmas
Debbie Gibson / Out Of The Blue (LP) 残少 未
Fred Wesley And The J.B.'s / Damn Right I Am Somebody 未
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