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ホームその他/TECHNOは →今後(2)に掲載です$ 200 Of The Most Sought After Samples & Scratches On One Record (DJ-01) YYY345-4284-12-15 (白)

$ 200 Of The Most Sought After Samples & Scratches On One Record (DJ-01) YYY345-4284-12-15 (白)

販売価格: 7,800円 (税別)
(税込価格: 8,580円)
ネタレコードです!$ サンプリング スクラッチネタ

200 Of The Most Sought After Samples & Scratches On One Record
Label:Not On Label (DJ)
Format:Vinyl, LP, 33 ⅓ RPM, Unofficial Release

Genre:Hip Hop, Non-Music
Style:DJ Battle Tool, Special Effects, Spoken Word, Speech

A1 It's The New Style
A2 Let Me Clear My Throat
A3 You Wanna Know Why
A4 Pump It Up
A5 Ain't Nothing Tooty Fruity
A6 Watch Me
A7 I Got It
A8 Bastard
A9 Asshole
A10 What You Gonna Play Now
A11 It's Got To Be Funky
A12 Please, Please
A13 1,2,3, Ugh!
A14 Sey At Night
A15 Sex In The Afternoon's Alright
A16 Get Busy
A17 Drop The Bass
A18 Hip-Hop
A19 I Don't Think So
A20 Oh No
A21 Burn Mother F**ker
A22 This Is A Journey Into Sound
A23 1,2,3,4, Hit It!
A24 How Many Feathers Are On A Purdue Chicken
A25 How Many Times Did The Batmobile Cat A Flat
A26 Ladies & Gentleman
A27 Hold Up
A28 Wait A Minute
A29 The Star Of The Show Hard Working
A30 Out Of Sight
A31 Ah 1,2,3,4
A32 In The House
A33 Just Feel It
A34 Chill Out
A35 Pump That Bass
A36 Lawdy Dawdy
A37 Hit It
A38 Get Retarded
A39 How Y'all Feel
A40 Ah Yeah
A41 Shut Up
A42 Umph!
A43 Whistle Scratch
A44 Party People
A45 Yeah
A46 Hello
A47 What Time Is It
A48 Just Don't Stop
A49 Yah-Nuh!
A50 Whistle
A51 Say What
A52 This Is Called The Snow
A53 Life Is Like A Dance
A54 Ok Y'all This Is It
A55 Pump It All Loud
A56 You Know What
A57 Pump Up The Volume
A58 Yo Please Stop
A59 1,2,3, Hit Me
A60 Hey, Hey, Hey
A61 Baby Baby
A62 All Abourd The Night Train
A63 Aahh!
A64 Hit Me
A65 Brothers & Sisters
A66 Yeah Boy!
A67 Bass
A68 Turn It Up
A69 They Can Get A Smack For That
A70 Keep The Hands Clapping
A71 Hit Me
A72 Girl You Know It's True
A73 I Feel Good
A74 Fellow's I'm Ready To Get Up And Do My Thing
A75 Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
A76 Sorry Wrong Beat
A77 Push It
A78 Pick Up On This
A79 Aah80
A80 This Stuff Is Really Fresh
A81 A Big Mouth
A82 What's The Word
A83 Who's Bad
A84 Hop To It
A85 Shut Up
A86 Damn
A87 What's Cooking
A88 And That's Not All
A89 Listen Carefully
A90 OK Buddy Start Playing
A91 OK Laugh
A92 Oh A Wise Guy Ay
A93 Ha Ha Very Funny
A94 I'm Trying To Use The Phone
A95 Clap Your Hands, Stomp Your Feet
A96 You Wanna Suck My P***y
A97 Let Me Suck Your D**k
A98 Let's Just Tell Them About Some Gold
A99 Oh No 100

A100 I'm Talking About Sampling Records
B101 Makossa
B102 Doggy Style
B103 I Wanna Swallow Your C**t
B104 Scream
B105 Let's All Chant
B106 The House Is Now On Fire
B107 A House Story
B108 Dominatrix
B109 The Men Beat On There Drums
B110 Step Left
B111 Here Comes The Music
B112 Here We Go
B113 Y'all Wanna Play House
B114 Say Yeah
B115 It's "Hot" Live
B116 In The Beginning
B117 Hit It
B118 How Do You Do
B119 Tune Your Bass To Ours
B120 Siren
B121 Glass Breaking
B122 Move Your Body
B123 He Made The Bass
B124 Give Me A Bass
B125 Sh*t
B126 Muther F**ker
B127 Please F**k Me
B128 Nice Little Ass
B129 Shut The F**k Up
B130 Are You Done Mixing Yet
B131 Pump Up The Music
B132 Hail, Wide Mama
B133 Body Music
B134 Freak Out
B135 Thanks And Good Night
B136 House Your Body
B137 Esta Loca
B138 It's A Trip
B139 4-3-2-1
B140 96.7 Kiss
B141 House Music All Night Long
B142 This Is A Recording
B143 Cold Medina
B144 To The Funky Beat
B145 Went Down To The Record Store
B146 And Now Ladies & Gentlemen
B147 We Gettin' Funky
B148 With The Poetry
B149 Work That Body, Move That Body
B150 Too Much To Write Down
B151 Pom Pom
B152 Centuries
B153 Dibby Dibby DJ
B154 Trigger
B155 Storm Clap 1
B156 Come On & Hear
B157 Laser Gun 1
B158 Laser Gun 2
B159 Low Thump
B160 Laser Siren
B161 Bass Slide
B162 Trumpets
B163 Outa' Here
B164 Stab
B165 Roll
B166 Muttley
B167 Squeezzzee
B168 Up Whistle
B169 Pop Out
B170 Sping 1
B171 Running
B172 Screetch Stop
B173 Bugged Out 1
B174 Release 1
B175 Released 2
B176 Fly Past
B177 Ending
B178 Shot!
B179 Crunch
B180 Spring 2
B181 Storm Clap 2
B182 Storm Clap 3
B183 Big Door
B184 Racing Car
B185 A Rap Thing
B186 Rap Stab
B187 Ol (Roll)
B188 Express 1
B189 Express 2
B190 Express 3
B191 Rattle
B192 Hey, Hey!
B193 Ooooooohhhh
B194 What The!
B195 The Sound
B196 Alarm Bell
B197 Thang!
B198 Whrrr!
B199 Rock 1
B200 Rock 2
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