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$ Ini Kamoze / Lyrical Gangsta (61764-1) YYY309-3906-5-5
$ Earth, Wind & Fire / The Best Of Earth Wind & Fire Vol. II (OC 45013) LP 美 YYY273-3195-4-4
%% Various / The Greatest Dance Album In The World! (VTLP 13) YYY263-3021-4-4 注意書きあり
$$ Billy Joel / The Stranger (SVLP 0079) YYY0-523-3-3
$$ Björk / Volta (rhi1 266748) 2LP YYY0-522-1-1
$$ Björk / Volta (tplp460h) 2LP YYY0-521-1-1
$$ The Artist (Formerly Known As Prince) /‎ The Greatest Romance Ever Sold  (07822-13750-1) YYY243-2746-5-6
$$ John Lennon / Imagine (7243 5 24858 1 9) LP YYY225-2432-3-3
%% Lisa Stansfield / Real Love (LP) 212 300 YYY213-3203-1-1
$$ Marvin Gaye / What's Going On (MOT-5339) YYY211-3160-3-3
%% FREEBEE / Runaway / Wings (AVCT-2364) YYY170-2304-5-18
$ Scorccio / The Source (XHOT 114) YYY168-287-3-3
John Lennon / Imagine: John Lennon, Music From The Motion Picture (2LP) PCSP 722 最終 YYY0-389-2-2
Madonna ‎/ The Immaculate Collection D4590 未
Luther Vandross ‎/ This Is Christmas (LP) 残少 D4569
Simply Red / Picture Book (LP) 最終 D4540
Freddie Mercury / The Freddie Mercury Album (LP) 残少 未 D4513
Various ‎/ Always And Forever (The Love Album) (LP) 残少 未 D4404
Various ‎/ Motown's Greatest Love Songs (LP) 残少 未 D4403
Various / Black Magic  (LP) 残少 未 D4402
Various / The Lovers (LP) 残少 未 D4401
Various / Tracks Of My Tears  (LP) 残少 未 D4400 バラード
%% Björk ‎/ Debut (TPLP31) LP 汚れ BJORK YYY172-2332-4-4
$$ Björk ‎/ Debut  (TPLP31) LP 綺麗 BJORK YYY172-2331-3-3
Duran Duran ‎/ Arena | Recorded Around The World 1984 (2LP) 最終 D4302 未
Cyndi Lauper ‎/ She's So Unusual  (LP) 最終 D4290 未
Various ‎/ Kings Of Rap (LP) 最終 未 D4271
Various ‎/ Music From - Do The Right Thing (LP) 残少 未 D4270
Tears For Fears ‎/ Songs From The Big Chair (LP) カット盤 最終 未 D4269
Donna Summer ‎/ She Works Hard For The Money (LP) カット盤 残少 未 D4268
Lisa Stansfield ‎/ Affection (LP) 残少 未 D4267
Chicago / Greatest Hits 1982-1989 カット盤 残少 未 D4266
The Beatles / Yellow Submarine (LP, Album, Reissue) 最終 D4197
The Beatles / Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (LP, Album, Reissue) 最終 D4196
The Beatles / Help!  (LP, Album, Reissue) 最終 D4195
The Beatles / Let It Be (LP, Album, Reissue) 完売 D4194
Night Ranger ‎/ Greatest Hits Lp (LP) 残少 D4180 未
The Cars / Greatest Hits (LP) D4179 未
$ Sybil / Good 'N' Ready (HF 28) LP YYY225-2426-5-5
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